10 Amazing Facts About ‘Kim Jong-un’

Kim Jong-un has merged as one of the most controversial and the most talked about leaders in the world. Being the leader of a nation that is shut off form the rest of the world, and worshipped by his people, this dictator is surely a crazy character to be serious. There are amazing facts about Kim Jong-un which have been leaked to the rest of the world through people who have escaped out of North Korea.

One of the most amazing facts about Kim Jong-un is that he is the son of his later father Kim Jong-il. His father is said to have been a superhuman who never defeated. With this belief taking rounds in North Korea, it is not hard to state that he is worshipped blindly by the people of North Korea. Mentioned below are the 10 amazing facts about Kim Jong-un that are set to amaze you to the core.

10 facts About ‘Kim Jong-un

  1. Schooling of Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un did not do his schooling in Korea like people suppose it to be. He was secretly enrolled in the International School of Bern in Switzerland under the name Pak-un. He reportedly did well in music but failed in math and science.

  1. He was announced as the sexiest man alive in 2012

Remarkably, The Onion newspaper announced him as the Sexiest Man Alive on the year 2012. He was aged 29 at the time. He was said to have a sturdy frame, boyish look and round face which supposedly attracts women all around the world.

  1. Ancestry is important to him

Kim Jong-un is reportedly too serious about his ancestors. It is said that he put one of his ministers in jail for not grieving sufficiently in his father’s funeral. He is also said to have sentenced one assistant to death for being drunk during his father’s mourning period.

  1. He executed his uncle Jang Song-thaek

His uncle Jang Song-thaek was executed by firing squad because he allegedly dreamed alternative dreams, was found guilty of adultery and dining illegally. There are also reports which indicate that his uncle was first made naked, then thrown into a cage of ravenous dogs. There were also reports that he sentenced his grieving aunt by means of posting for being angry at her husband’s execution.

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  1. There is an 1800 foot carving of his body

He got an 1800 foot carving or a statue on a hillside on the year 2012. The carving has a reading alongside it, reading “Long Live General, The Shining Sun!”

  1. He is a General in the military with no military experience

Another amazing fact about Kim Jong-un is that he is the General or a Daejang in the army; of course, he has no previous military experience to back up the claim. He is also known to be the youngest leader in the world. However, the real information about his age can be found nowhere.

  1. He cuts his own hair

Kim Jong-un recently cut off his hair, but his previous hairstyle was extremely popular, it was called “youth” or “ambition”. He cut his own hair due to his inherent fear for barbers.

  1. He loves Swiss cheese

Rather than prioritizing the need of his citizens, Kim Jong-un is said to spend tens of thousands of dollars in importing Swiss cheese. This is a habit he is supposed to have picked up during his schooling.

  1. Kim Jong-un has undergone plastic surgery

This is yet another one of the 10 amazing facts about Kim Jong-un. It is reported that to validate his position as a leader, and to look more like someone who can lead the nation, the underwent plastic surgery. Recent photos comparing him with his grandfather show that he has undergone plastic surgery in order to look more like his beloved grandfather.

  1. Dennis Rodman is his best friends

It is said that his severe addiction to basketball, makes NBA star Dennis Rodman one of the best friends of Kim Jong-un.

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