Antminer S9 Review – Everything You Need to Know

There has been a significant increase in miners and mining farms over the past few years. Earlier, Bitcoin mining was only possible using gaming GPUs, however, in the recent years, the mining pool has been saturated, and decreased mining at home since those GPUs cannot provide the required Bitcoin hash rate.  A China-based company; Bitmain came into action to release a set of ASIC’s accessible to the miner and also ensures an ample Return on Equity. Bitmain’s most popular products were the Antminer R4 and S7. However, in the recent year, Bitmain has stepped up the game with their latest S9 which they boast is a one-stop solution to all Bitcoin mining hassles. Antminer s9 is a high-end ASIC miner that uses 16nm chip technology and provides the superior hash rate.

Things to consider before buying an Antminer s9

Antminer S9

  • Popular miner

Antiminer s9 is one of the most popular miners in the crypto world.

  • Price is Dropping

The new crypto miners should definitely buy Antiminer s9 because its prize is dropping day by day.  When the price of Bitcoin was reaching a new all-time height in late 2017, this s9’s prize was $6000 on Amazon. But now it is possible to buy less than $1000.

  • You need an additional PSU to run the Antminer s9

You cannot just plug the Antminer s9 into the wall; it needs a PSU (power supply unit). This means that you will have to separate extra bucks for buying PSU.

An additional around $100 will be spent on PSU if you buy an Antminer s9. It can be found on Amazon or eBay

This like the miner itself varies in price at different sales points. If you own a PSU of an old Bitcoin miner, you might even be able to use that as well.

But if you do not own a compatible PSU, you will have to buy APW3-12-1600-B2 which means that you will have to add an extra buck to your initial investment cost. It will not cost you more than any other old PSU that you can find.

  • Get an S7s at a discounted price

If you think S9 is still expensive we highly advise you not to rush into buying the new Antminer s9 because you can get the older model, s7 at a much-discounted price.

Since the demand for s9 has increased, the demand for s7 has dropped drastically. Consider this- the Antminer s7 has 33% of the hashing power of s9.

Analysis of the overall cost of buying s9, it is clear that you can buy three used s7 models which will cost you lesser. However, if you have already considered doing this, keep in mind that the Antminer s7 is less power efficient than the s9.

  • Not all Antminer s9s are created equal

The Bitcoin miners are delivered in batches by Bitmain. Every batch is unique than the other and also has a different hash rate.

This is the prime reason why you need to know the specifications of the exact miner you are looking to buy.

So before you rush into buying any model, you must know it’s specification. This way you can calculate the exact return you will get from the investment.

  • 90-day warranty on your miner

If you happen to buy the Antminer s9 from Bitmain directly, you will receive a 90-day warranty. However, that warranty comes with limitations.

The warranty will not be valid if you run the miner at a higher speed than it was designed to run. If you use a bad power supply or if any environmental damage happens to your miner.

  • 16 Chip Nanometer technology

The upgrade from the 28 nm design is the 16 nm production process which is used in the manufacture of S9.  It has added to the better performance.

The 10 nm design is going underway for miniaturization of semiconductors to improve computing performance and well-organized use of power.

  • Noise and cooling

It is worth noting that the Antiminer s9 is temperature sensitive so it requires a cool environment to maintain stability. To prevent the Antiminer s9 from exhaustion, it is recommended that you place the miner in a separate room or mining farm.

Regarding the noise, it is easy to see that the s9 is very noisy and is paired with heavy sized high revolution fans. These fans produce close to 77-80 dB of noise. The air cooled system and self-contained structure make it easier to maintain and service.

  • S9 Setup

Since the s9 is self-contained, it requires no connection to another computer to interface with other Bitcoin nodes. The setup is simplified by the onboard web management portal and maintenance process.

  • Configuring the wallet

After the miner is connecting with the internet, the miner generates its IP address. To configure the miner, you will have to log into that IP address.

The Antminer IP must be running on your PC. You will use that to copy the Antminer IP into the web browser. After that, you can view the miner status, temperature hash frequency, and various statistics.

Using the Bitmain’s user credentials, you can log into the Antminer pool. The user interface makes it rather easy for the user to enter their wallet address and mining pool status before mining. Customization and upgrading can be done through new release.

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Hobby mining with S9?

Although expensive, s9 is known to be one of the best hardware in mining.  As per the estimates and assumption, the s9 shows a positive future in regards to profitability than the previous ASIC miners.

However, the profitability index cannot be estimated precisely due to the volatility in Bitcoin value.

Alternatives to S9

Although Antminer is one of the best miners, other cryptocurrency hardware and potential releases from Bitmain can be good alternatives to S9. Antminer S7 version can also be an excellent alternative to s9.

Everyday price is dropping: Buy Antminer s9 on Amazon | eBay

Antminer s9 Pro and Cons

Coinbase pros and cons

Some of the Pros of Antminer s9 are:

  • It has the highest available hashrate at ~14 TH/s.
  • It is efficient at ~0.1 Joule per GH/s.
  • miners built adequately with robust machines.
  • The Antminers control boards are integrated with the fast Dual ARM Cortex A9 microprocessor with CoreSight.
  • Gigabit Ethernet is supported so that the mined blocks are submitted instantly.
  • The heat sink where every chip of the S9 is attached is made of high-grade Aluminium alloy. The hot air released is quickly replaced with cool air.

Some of the Cons of Antminer s9 are:

  • Cryptos price is dropping so, It is still expensive.
  • You will have to put extra bucks for the power supply sold separately.

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Antminer T9 vs Antminer s9

Antminer T9 vs Antminer s9

Many people are often confused regarding the features and the specialization of T9 and S9. So here are five differences between Antminer S9 and Antminer T9:

  • Antminer T9 is Less Powerful than S9s

While the S9’s maximum hashrate at an average is above 12 TH/s, the T9’s hashrate is 11.5 TH/s. The recent Batch 22 of s9 only got 11TH/s, but the previous batch was known to be over 14 TH/s.

As per the calculations, the estimates show that a single T9 operating regularly without breaks should produce about 1.46 BTC in a year.

However, the actual number will be lower due to the increase in difficulty level. The raw power, as well as the unit’s price and electricity cost deducted from its earnings, define the profitability.

  • Antminer T9s are Less Efficient than S9s

The Antminer T9 uses Bitmain’s APW3 power supply unit (PSU) and draws 1450W. The T9’s efficiency is 0.126 Joules/GH which is around 29% more than the 1078W draw of S9, which can attain approximately 0.098 J/GH.

The T9’s power usage is also slightly above that drawn by the fastest 14th S9 batch. The electric efficiency is the primary factor in determining the long-term profitability. The decreased efficiency score of T9 shows that S9 is far better in that aspect.

  • Antminer T9s is less costly than S9s

Looking at the cost aspect of both competing miners, it can be seen that the T9 costs significantly less than S9.

If you buy Antminer T9 directly from Bitmain, it will cost around $700 while Antminer s9 cost $900 at a minimum. In the Bitcoin market, the flexibility in value is so high that anything can happen within days, let alone months.

The T9 investment will be paid up within a year if the BTC does not drop and everything goes right. You will also have to put some extra money into buying the PSU and for shipping.

  • Antminer T9 is Much More Reliable

TheT9 is known best for its improved reliability. S9 with more chips is efficient but will most likely have a failure due to running at negligible voltage.

The T9 chips, on the other hand, run at higher voltage. It provides less efficiency but better reliability. In Antiminer T9 you will have less resets, less maintenance, less downtime, and less mining time wasted.

  • T9s Had a Better Warranty

Bitmain has provided a standard 90-day warranty on S9s. On the other hand, T9 was sold with a 180-day warranty! The upcoming batch of S9s will also have 180-day warranty.

The warranty will, however, be invalid if you overclock or using the incorrect power supply. Look for sellers providing warranty if you buy from eBay.

The T9 is not for sale at present, so the warranty advantage is defused unless your local seller offers a warranty of comparable duration.

Antminer s9 is a dependable source of having ample ROI. Depending on your location, budget, and guaranteed assurance of profits, you can opt for Antminer T9. Considering the efficiency, warranty, and power of s9, it can be said that S9 is the most appropriate and safe option for Bitcoin mining.

Everyday price is dropping: Buy Antminer s9 on Amazon | eBay

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