5 Best DASH Wallets to Store Your Coins Securely

Dash is a Cryptocurrency which has the high probability to reach in the top list with Bitcoin and Ethereum. The price of Dash may rise more in upcoming time. So if you’re planning to buy Dash as a future investment or else just buying it for a while, you’ll need best Dash wallets to keep these Dash coin safe and secure.

Best DASH Wallets

Here we have sorted out the list and full detailed information on the Best Dash Wallets. You can choose from these best Dash wallets to keep your coins in a highly secure environment.

  1. Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is a multi-cryptocurrency hardware wallet. It is one of the best and secure wallet to store Dash coin. The device is portable, offline and even can be used in a computer which is infected by malware. It has a USB cable to connect with computers.

Ledger Nano S can be considered one of the best Dash wallets for those investors who invest in multiple coins, as it supports many altcoins along with Dash and Bitcoin. Currently, it supports 33 types of Cryptocurrencies to store in a ‘Ledger Nano S’ wallet.

The wallet has an OLED screen and two physical buttons in the device itself which add extra security to the wallet. To perform the transaction, it is required to have access to the physical buttons for confirmation. So, it is impossible for hackers to hack into your wallet even if they hack your computer.

The Ledger Nano S is also secured by a PIN code. It helps to prevent you from the loss of your Dash coin in case your wallet is theft or lost. If someone gets physical access to your wallet, they won’t be able to access your coins without the PIN. And in three unsuccessful attempts, the device will itself wipe out all the data.

Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet which means it is an offline wallet. It stores all your coins in the device itself. So it is safe to use even in compromised computers. Ledger Nano S also provides a 24-words backup phrase.

You must have to write it down and need to keep it in a safe place. Without the backup phrase, you won’t be able to get back your lost coins if Nano S is lost or damaged or stolen.

Ledger Nano S is available at the price of $79 which is very much affordable for the features that it provides. Nano S is comparatively the best, cheapest and safest wallet available to store Dash coin.

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  1. Trezor

Trezor Wallet

Trezor is another multi-cryptocurrency hardware wallet to store Dash coin. It is also one of the safest hardware wallets available to store Dash coin, Bitcoin, and other altcoins. Trezor was the first hardware wallet and has the capability to store Cryptocurrencies offline.

The Trezor is a small portable device which has a screen for an extra layer of verification and security. It comes with a USB cable to connect to a computer. Even the compromised computer or computer which are infected with malware can be used with Trezor wallet.

The Trezor wallet has a screen and two physical buttons to verify and confirm the transaction. So it is impossible for hackers to access your coins through your computer only as it is required to press the physical buttons for the confirmation of the transaction.

Trezor also has a PIN protection to protect your Dash coin from unauthorized access. The Trezor wallet protects your Dash coin from both physical and virtual theft. Because it cannot be hacked and without the PIN, no one can access the Trezor wallet. The incorrect PIN guesses will lead to waiting between guesses by a power of 2. So it can take years to try few guesses in Trezor wallet.

The Trezor wallet also provides a 24-words backup phrase while doing the setup of the wallet. Without the backup phrase, it will be impossible to recover the Dash coin, if Trezor is lost or theft or damaged. So it is most important to write down the backup phrase and to keep it in a safe and secure place.

The price of ‘Trezor’ is higher than the ‘Ledger Nano S’ wallet, but it is also quite affordable at the price of $99. It supports more cryptocurrencies to store in than Ledger Nano S. So you can store all your Dash coin, Bitcoin and other many altcoins together in the Trezor wallet easily.

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Ledger Nano S Vs Trezor Hardware Wallet

  1. Exodus

Exodus best bitcoin wallets

Exodus is a desktop wallet which allows you to store your Dash Coin with Bitcoin and many other altcoins. It is also the first multi-cryptocurrency desktop wallet. Exodus is free to use and only charges the transaction fee to pay themselves to each Blockchain networks.

With an attractive UI, it is also the first wallet to have shapeshift feature itself in the wallet. So users can have access to nearly a dozens of cryptos. Exodus shows a pie chart which will show you your entire portfolio of coins.

The Exodus stores all your private keys itself in the computer which makes it a safe wallet to store your Dash coin. Exodus has support for more than 30 coins and tokens.

Exodus also has a one-click recovery system to restore your wallet with a 12-word backup phrase. If the computer is damaged or the Exodus wallet is uninstalled, you can recover your coins with the backup phrase. So it is most important to keep the backup phrase in a safe place for future use.

There is no need to register or verify your identity to start using Exodus. Exodus is available on Mac, Linux, and Windows platform. You can easily download the Exodus wallet from its official website which is completely free.

4. Jaxx

Jaxx Bitcoin wallet

Jaxx is a popular multi-cryptocurrency wallet which is available in both mobile and desktop. It is designed to simplify the Blockchain and to attract more users.

Jaxx is an HD wallet which supports 50+ other cryptocurrencies along with Dash. It has built-in shapeshift feature and cross-platform pairing. So the Jaxx wallet can be used in different platforms.

It currently supports 9  different platforms which are Windows, Apple, Linux and Android and iOS mobile and tablet, Google Chrome and Firefox extensions. Jaxx can easily sync across all your devices.

Jaxx has an easy to use interface and it is free to use. It only charges the transaction fees like any other wallet which goes to Cryptocurrency networks that you are trading. The fees go directly to the network and are not kept by Jaxx. So it means the transaction fees may change based on the state of the network.

Jaxx allows its user to have a 12-word backup phrase. It is most important to keep the backup phrase in a safe place for future use. The backup phrase can be used to restore all your cryptocurrencies which you lost accidentally by uninstalling the wallet or after the device is lost or damaged.

Jaxx wallet doesn’t require identity verification or registration, it means it doesn’t collect your personal information. With Jaxx, you control your private keys which are stored on your device itself. The stored key in the device makes it susceptible to getting hacked. Jaxx has an optional 4-digits PIN for additional security.

As the Jaxx wallet is free to use, you can easily download it from its official website. You can also download Jaxx wallet from Google play store for Android and from Apple Store for iOS.

5. Coinomi


Coinomi is a popular mobile-only multi-cryptocurrency wallet which supports Dash coin. It is available for Android in Google Play Store and now also available for iOS Store.

Coinomi is easy to setup, secure and one if the largest serving multi-cryptocurrency wallet. It supports more than 270 cryptocurrencies. Coinomi doesn’t require the annoying process of registration and validation of users.

It can easily be installed and provides greatest convenience, security and many more features. The wallet is free to use and can be downloaded from Google Play Store or from Apple Store or from its official website.

Coinomi is one of the safest and privacy concerned wallet. It doesn’t share its user’s information with third party or government. Coinomi also provides features to hide users IP address to protect users data. The Private key is stored itself inside the mobile, so the users have full control over their wallet.

Coinomi also has a feature to exchange between different Cryptocurrencies within the app with integration with ShapeShift and Changelly. It only charges the transaction fees as any other free wallet which is to pay to the Blockchain networks. And Coinomi doesn’t pocket any money from it.

Coinomi has recently gone to closed-source from open-source and it shouldn’t be a negative point as most of the trusted wallets like Exodus and Jaxx are also closed source. It provides users to create a password to protect the wallet from unauthorized access.

Coinomi also provides a recovery seed as a backup to its user in case the device is lost or theft or damaged. The recovery seed will help you to get back the Dash coin that was stored in the mobile phone. It is most important to write it down in a safe place to be used in future.

The recovery seed should not be shared with anyone, as whoever has the recovery seed can control the wallet and the coins. So, Coinomi is one of the best Dash wallets for easier and convenient use to store Dash Coin which has user-friendly UI and is free of cost.

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