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Many of the bloggers deal with the content. Yes, all of us know the content is king. But, is it enough only to have organic content. Most of the bloggers spend most of the time for writing organic content but don’t care about the SEO tool. Using the organic content you can save the site from the penalty but if you look in the view of search engine optimize your site won’t be in any page till you care for the keywords. Although you have the unique content you must know more about the keyword and the links.

Thinking about the how to find the keyword. The keyword research will help you to find the keywords for your blog or website for the target audience. This will help and guide you about writing the topics and the keywords that you must include in the primary topic page of your website.

SEMRush is Best SEO Tool for Keyword Research

What do you think you need multiples key research tool. No one is enough for you if you choose the best one. As per the online Marketing Experts, SEMRush is Best SEO Tool for Keyword Research. You can use the SEMRush as Competitor Analysis SEO Tool and for Optimization. It helps to know what your competitors searching for and helps to rank your site to the first page or nearest to the first page.

For the beginners here is the guide that will quickly lead you how to use it and the reason behind why the professional SEO recommend the tool for the others. The guide for Best tracking keywords and Competitor Analysis SEO Tool SEMRush includes the terms.

  • The important terms with keyword research.
  • The difference between the various keyword types.
  • How SEMRush – works.
  • Starting process guide through the keyword research process.
  • Using SEMRush for finding relevant keywords.
  • How to establish keyword difficulty.
  • How to use SEMRush to discover keywords your competitors optimize for.

Keyword Research Glossary

Before the guide begins here are some of the common terms that you must understand for researching keywords. Knowing these terms will make you easier across the researching process.

  • Keyword: Keyword mainly refers to the word that you are retrieving to find the information for the certain topics.
  • Traffic Volume: Traffic volume refers to the average number of keywords searches on your site within 12 months. This lets you know which keyword is mostly searched on your site.
  • Non- paid search: Organic searches
  • Paid search: Advertise with sponsored listing.
  • Phrase match: exact keyword phrase that appears someone

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Search for or close variations

  • Related keywords. Similar phrase that appears while search
    • Average CPC: Average cost per click
    • Competition Density. The number of advertisers bid for the certainly given keyword.
    • Results: The number of displayed URL for the given keyword.

Different types of keywords

While searching about any matters we search it differently. If you need to search for the California you retrieve the word and enter but if you are searching about the of price or place you will type a question on the basis of using words they can be categorized into 2 types.

  • By keyword length

In the basis of length, this type can be divided into head, body and the long tail.

  • Head keywords

This only contains a single word which describes what the user is looking for. If you search for the word “Shirt” it will not recognize what the users are using you will get the result with the large area. In which the user may get an only little amount of result as he/she was searching for.

  • Body keywords

Adding some phrase in the head keyword you can specify the search area.If you search for “Party shirts ” you get some specific result as you are searching for.

  • Long tail keywords

This describes the user’s definite result. If you search for “Party shirts for man” that describe in the great details what the users are looking for.This is mainly used by the users who love for shopping.

  • By buying intent

This mainly refers when the people wish to buy the materials. This type of searches comes with certain terms of keywords. They can be divided into 4 sub-divisions:

  • Informational

The keywords that are used for some information which includes the word “how to”, “where”, “when” are informational keywords.

  • Navigational

This is mainly to find the location and the contact details of a business house. Name of the brand is used for this type of search.

  • Commercial

This type of keyword mainly includes “best”, “compare” etc. It’s about finding the solutions.

  • Transactional

The last groups are searching for the offers. So, they use the keywords like “buy” or “cheap” for purchasing the products.

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Why is keyword acquiring important for the better performance of the site? As we have already discussed the different terms of the keyword that will help to recognize and to choose the best keyword for the search.

  1. Choose better keywords: A single keywords results for the 1000s of results. Choose a better keyword that the customers are trying to find, A better phrase word with the phrase match.
  2. Create better content: Content is the king. Use the better keywords that your customers demand in a page.

We have already collected the theoretical information from the above topics here now we are discussing how it works. If you willing to use the best professional SEO for digital marketing: SEMrush you can use the link. You will get 30 days free trial with this link.

Putting keywords in the proper place plays the important role. It is how Google filters and orders results. A letter adding the keywords makes the result different. Use the exact phrase as the keyword that your customers used to find your site.

Keyword optimization and traffic generation techniques are the complement of others. Try the SEMrush that will help to generate your site towards the first page of the top search engines.

Please do comment below in the box. Let us know if you would like to know about SEO tool SEMrush.

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