Need to Charge Your Electric Car? Mobile App Can Help You

If you want to change your car than a mobile map can help you. Now ChargePoint is making a mobile app that will make it easier for electric car find a charging station to improve their cars condition. It also provides the facilities by teaming up with ChargePoint which will help the user to bring their network with more than 30,000 EV charging stations to the app store.

ChargePoint is the best app that will help you with exclusive Charging Data. You can charge your EV with the charge point device in the nearby station. The cloud based solutions provide flexibility and control making EV charging good for any business to the user. For drivers it will help you to make the switch to electric by offering connected charging wherever they work, shop, eat and play. The free mobile app also helps you for driver discounts and integration with automakers and seamless driving and charging experience as well.

The gadget also operates the world’s largest and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network. This will help the electric car user to find the charging station where they can charge their cars. The main mission of producing this device is to get everyone behind the wheel of an EV which will decrease the pollution and provide them with a place to charge wherever they visit. This will make it easier for people to adopt EVs and driving an EV makes, even more, sense to the people.

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While you are searching for a place to charge your electric car then you can use the app which will help you to find the exact place where the charging station is located. Maps display badges to show you the location of ChargePoint stations. You have to click on the ChargePoint badge on your screen and you’ll be able to get directions. You can also get the information about the price and the operation available in the stations. Moreover, it will also show you of the station accept your cards or not.

As the electric vehicles have different charging connector so to make sure for the connector you can pop around Map to check out various ChargePoint stations around the greater Boston area and make sure that this information isn’t displayed on the info panel for a station in Map. You can also check more into the ChargePoint link and can get more information about the types of connectors that station offers. Download ChargePoint to Google Play & Apple store.

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