Dash Price Prediction: Why You Should Invest in Dash on 2018?

Cryptocurrencies are the next ‘in’ financial form of payment. Dash is the new form of cryptocurrency that has been creating a buzz in the cryptocurrency market. It is a form of digital cash and a revolutionary system which can be used to secure online or in-store private payments. Formerly known as Darkcoin or Xcoin, it is an open-source peer to peer cryptocurrency. Before you ask the question of Dash price prediction and why you should invest in Dash on 2018? you should know more information about what it is and what it offers.

What is Dash cryptocurrency?

What is Dash? How is it different from Bitcoin?

Dash was formerly known as Darkcoin or Xcoin. It offers the same feature set as Bitcoin but has some more features on top of that. It provides instant transactions (InstantSend) as well as private transactions (PrivateSend) features. It has a self-governing and self-funding model thus making it decentralized like many other forms of cryptocurrencies.


Release Date

January 18, 2014


CEO of Dash core

Ryan Taylor



Next-Gen P2P Network





Written in




Dash dot org


Block time

Up to 2.5 minutes




Evan Duffield is the lead developer and creator of Dash. Dash was forked out from Litecoin. As soon as it was launched, 1.9 million coins were mined in the first two days of launch. The Dash Core Team comprises of 30 full-time employees, 20 part-time employees and a vast number of unpaid volunteers. The daily trade volume of Dash is known to be 100 million dollars on a regular basis as of now. The features of Dash are:Dash Cryptocurrency

  • Matsternodes

Unlike Bitcoin, Dash has a two-tier network. Creating new blocks are done by miners while the second tier of the Dash network is the people who carry out PrivateSend, InstantSend and governance functions.

  • PrivateSend

This is another feature of the Dash cryptocurrency. PrivateSend is a coin-mixing service which includes using master nodes instead of a single website. The ProvateSend feature allows master nodes to submit the transactions using a unique network code called DSTX.

  • InstantSend

This is another feature offered by the Dash cryptocurrency. It is a service that allows instant transactions. Conflicting transactions are rejected while the validation of the transaction occurs through a standard block confirmation. The confirmation time of this cryptocurrency is lesser than that of Bitcoin.

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Is Dash a good investment?

You are now aware of what Dash is and what its features are. Another critical point to consider is if Dash is right to invest in. There are a number of factors to consider when funding in the form of cryptocurrency. Dash has some definite benefits that will help you take the decision of whether it is worth investing in:

  • Dash has low transaction fees

The transaction fees of Dash in comparison to Bitcoin are very less. The average transaction fee of Bitcoin has been around 5 dollars ob 2017. On the other hand Dash, cryptocurrency had an average transaction fee of less than $0.3. This is one reason why you should invest on Dash on 2018.

  • It is fast

Dash is really fast when it comes to transactions. Transactions through Bitcoin take a considerable amount of time. However, Dash allows the transactions to take place in few minutes in comparisons to 1 hour of waiting time using Bitcoin.

  • Popularity

Many companies have adapted Dash as their form of payment. Their website showcases a long list of companies who have accepted this form of cryptocurrency as a payment.

  • Masternodes

Masternodes allow the growth of blockchain to be handled by using new hardware to keep up with the demand.

  • Simple

While other forms of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are open source for sure, but really difficult to implement. Dash stays simple in daily transactions.

Today’s Dash price: 

Dash Price Prediction


Here is the Dash price prediction for 2018.




March, 2018



April, 2018



May, 2018



June, 2018



July, 2018



August, 2018



September, 2018



October, 2018



November, 2018



December, 2018



This is the monthly Dash price prediction.

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Top 10 Facts About Dash Cryptocurrency

Dash Cryptocurrency facts

What are the top 10 facts about Dash? You can scroll through these facts and get a better idea as to if you should invest in this form of cryptocurrency or not.

  1. Dash is open-source, peer to peer and decentralized autonomous governance system (DAO).

Peer to peer necessarily means that there is no centralized administrative system. The resources are shared among the pees, and the peers connect with each other in order to carry out transactions.

  1. Dash is user-friendly

Dash has been considered to be more straightforward to use and user-friendly than other forms of cryptocurrencies that exist.

  1. InstaSend

InstaSedn is a feature of Dash that allows instant transactions to take place.

  1. PrivateSend

PrvateSend is another feature of Dash which allows secure private transactions.

  1. Self-governing a self-funding

Dash has no centralized system to govern it. It has a self-0giverning and self-funding model. The users in the network are compensated for the work and for the contributions they give to the system.

  1. Dash is an acronym for Digital Cash

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  1. Dash was released on 2014

Dash was actually released in 2014. However, it was named differently past then, before settling into the name of Dash.

  1. Dash has a two-tier network

As compared to Bitcoin, Dash has a two-tier network. The Dash miners create new blocks.

  1. Dash was an instant hit

Almost 2 million coins are mined in the duration of 48 hours after the launch of Dash. This is the 10% of the total possible Dash coins that can exist.

  1. Dash was created by forking LTC

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We just provide Dash price prediction which is not 100% accurate. It’s just set according to the previous year, month and day’s performance and it’s activity. In some of the countries, investing in cryptocurrency is illegal so invest at your risk. We are not responsible for your loss or profit.

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