Ethereum Price Prediction: Why You Should Invest in Ethereum on 2018

With people becoming increasingly interested towards buying cryptocurrencies in this era, it is essential to know which cryptocurrency is the next one to buy. After our intense studies and after studying the current market trends, it is safe to states that you should invest in Ethereum on 2018. What is Ethereum? What is the Ethereum price? Why should you invest in Ethereum? These the are questions that might arise in the minds of every crypto enthusiast.

However, we are here to cater to all of your queries and give you the answers to all these questions with ease. You should invest in Ethereum in 2018, and we will tell you why.

What is Ethereum?

What is Ethereum? You might have heard of this buzz word, being played around in the crypto world a lot of times. Ethereum’s Ether is one of the top cryptocurrencies and is a blockchain based, open source and public system.

Ethereum creates tokens, called as Ether, which is used by blockchain technology. These tokens, coins or Ethers can be used to distribute coins, record transactions in and carry out a massive number of operations.

Ethereum does a lot, and has a broader range of things to talk about that with Bitcoin, while Bitcoin follows a focused approach, Ethereum has a wide range of things to do.

The exciting thing about Ethereum is that its cryptocurrency is called Ether. However, other cryptocurrencies exist in the Etherum network but are not Ether. These are called tokens. Ethereum is both distributed and decentralized, and there is no central system controlling the currency.

Ethereum used a smart contract system. You have to pay “gas” or a transaction fee in order to generate a cryptocurrency using Ethereum. Ethereum was built so that any developer can use it. Its platform is designed to run the code.

It can be used to make multiple unique cryptocurrencies, carry out several types of contract and can also be used to store blockchain-based applications. Ethereum is a system was initially launched as an ICO. Due to its capabilities, it has become a popular choice for ICOs. About half of ICOs use either based coins.


Release Date

30 July 2015



Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Foundation








Written in

C++, Go, Rust



Ethereum dot org


Block time

14-15 seconds on average




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Ethereum Price Prediction

Since it is now evident that buying Ethereum is a good deal on emus not miss, you must also know about the price of Ethereum. The price of Ethereum is equal to 981.54 dollars approximately. The price fluctuates between 900-1020 dollars on a regular basis. By 2022, it is expected to be sold at a price of 1359 dollars.

Today’s Ethereum price: 

Ethereum price prediction for 2018


Month &

in USD


January, 2018

1171 UDS



$1245 USD


March, 2018

$1500 USD


April, 2018

$1200 USD


May, 2018

$1280 USD


June, 2018

$1470 USD


July, 2018

$1500 USD



$1426 USD



$1762 USD



$1822 USD



$2549 USD



$2271 USD

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Why should you invest in Ethereum in 2018?

ethereum cryptocurrency

Recently, the Ethereum price has soared by 1200%. Ethreurm has outperformed other cryptocurrencies in the past few years. Ethereum has proven to be a powerful and more versatile platform than Bitcoin.

Ethre is expected to be better than Bitcoin in terms of volume and usage in the years to come. Mentioned below are the reasons why you should absolutely invest in Ethereum on 2018.

  1. It is the future

Crypto coin is the future money, and Ethereum is undoubtedly here to stay. As the demand for smart contracts and automation of financial processes increases, the value of Ethereum is also going to increase.

The crypto coin is a future platform for commerce, and the price appreciation of Ethereum is nothing compared to what it holds in the future for us. The demand if Ether is set to be always increasing.

  1. Stability

The organic growth of Ethereum makes it clear that it is a stable cryptocurrency. Its growth was almost predictable, and there has been no wavering in the blockchain of Ethereum despite hard forking and cyber attacks. The demand is rising, and the increase in price is occurring at a stable level.

  1. Ethereum is secure

It is quite challenging to keep a private key secure. However, with a smart contract running on the blockchain, the computers participating in it will have the logic running in parallel. Ethereum is the most advanced contract enabled blockchain as of now, and this is why it is secure and worth investing in.

  1. Ethereum is popular with ICOs

The price surge of Ethereum has also resulted because of the critical role played by Ethereum in ICOs. Ethereum gets the upper hand because of this. There are a number of ICos which have launched Ethereum, and this is expected to increase the prices of the Ether.

All in all, it can be said that there are a number of reasons to invest in Ethereum. However, the ability of future application stands out to be the primary reason why you should invest in Ethereum on 2018. The use of Ethereum blockchain is undoubtedly set to increase, and there will also be an increase in the crypto coin. If you are looking for a good investment, then invest in Ethereum.

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Facts about Ethereum

Ethereum cryptocurrency facts

Here are some interesting facts about Ethereum that you ought to know:

  • Ethereum token prices have risen by 900% this year

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that has improved its trade. Anyone who invested $8 on Ethereum on 1st January, will get $82 in return.

  • The prices did not increase overnight

Ether has been in the business since early 2016. It was the second largest market cap. The sharp increase in Ethereum took place as there were significant inflows of cryptocurrency space. It arose almost $7 billion in value in 2017. The price of ether returned more than 500% by the first quarter of 2017. On a broader time, frame, it has been estimated that ether has appreciated more than 2800% gain since the year 2015.

  • It has fluctuated in terms of volume

The trading volume of Ether has fluctuated widely in the history. The trading activity was modest at times, and there were some cases when the trading volume fell below $100,000. However, there have also been times when the activity surged and neared $600m volume. The market has seen a gradual upward trend, and this is why you should invest in Ethereum on 2018.

  • Search interest is increasing

The search interest of Ethereum has risen dramatically in the past few years, the term Ethereum gained the highest popularity on 12th to 18th March 2017. The term has been searched in a range of regions, not in a particular area only. Switzerland has searched for the term most popularly, followed by Venezuela.

  • You can buy Ethereum via Bitcoin exchanges

There are a number of significant exchanges which trade Ether. Bitcoin Exchanges sell Ether, so it becomes easier for you to buy it. Poloniex, Kraken, Coinbase, Bitfinex, etc. trade Bitcoin.

  • Ethereum has its own tokens

Since Ethereum is open source and the public, developers can issue their own assets in the blockchain network, you can hence create your own token using Ethereum. The token sales for Ethereum based projects have surged considerably in the past year.


We just provide Ethereum price prediction which is not 100% accurate. It’s just set according to the previous year, month and day’s performance of cryptocurrency activity. In some of the countries, investing in cryptocurrency is illegal so invest at your risk. We are not responsible for your loss or profit.

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