10 Ways Facebook Can Get You Arrested

Facebook is not just a destination to spend some time globalizing with the world and talking to your friends, it is a platform for shared thoughts and opinions, and can often be a way to introduce legal problems into your life. Here are 10 ways Facebook can you get arrested.

Facebook Can Get You Arrested

  1. Libel

Posting on Facebook is the same as publication, it is covered by the same laws that regulate magazines and newspapers. Hence, posting defamatory things can be counted as libel and can get you arrested.

  1. Breaking a court order

Publication of images is prohibited in some cases. There are a number of cases where the images of some criminals or some important figures are banned to be released. However, doing so on Facebook can get you arrested as it is equivalent to breaking a court order.

  1. Making a Joke

Making a joke about bombing something or killing someone is another way where Facebook can get you arrested. Sending menacing electronic communication can cause you to be entered into arrests.

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  1. Offences

Internet trolls have become increasingly popular in the past few years. However, it is understood that these trolls have the ability to cause widespread hatred, damage, and hurt. The internet police are now on the way of investigating trolls that are deemed to be offensive to a certain population or race.

Posting something extremely offensive can cause you to serve jail time and can cause you to be arrested. Insulting comments targeted at someone can also cause you to be arrested.

  1. Racism

Racism is prevalent in the world even as we speak. However, its effects are decreasing on a daily basis, with people becoming more tolerant of each other. Facebook, on the other hand, has become a destination for venting out built-in racism to other people around the world. Doing this can cause harm to you and can cause you to be arrested. Anti-Semitic messages, bigoted social media comments, and racist statutes can cause Facebook to get you arrested.

  1. Admitting a crime

Using social media to admit a crime is a big no-no. Posting or messaging a crime to someone on Facebook means that it can be used as social evidence against a person. This is another way how Facebook can get you arrested. Posting pictures of stolen objects can also lead you to speculation and can be enough to charge you with robbery.

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  1. Naming a victim

The press is subjected to rules and regulations when it comes to naming a victim of sexual assault. This is the same case when it comes to Facebook. You cannot name a victim of sexual assault on Facebook, as this can get you arrested. Facebook is governed by the same laws that govern the press. Announcing a victim in order to get attention from people can get you arrested.

  1. Commit contempt of court

When openly discussing your views of social media, you should make sure that you do not contempt the court, Facebook is governed by the same rules that journalists have to follow, and putting an opinion about a court case on social media is a big no-no. Prejudicial status and words can put you into deep trouble.

  1. Running a poll

Running a poll for the judicial event and court orders is a crime on Facebook. A juror from Burnley once took to Facebook to ask her followers what to decide on a child abduction case, posting this confidential evidence on the case was front in the first place, making a poll for it was even worse, leading her to be dismissed from the jury. However, in other cases, this might get you arrested and in deep trouble.

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  1. Trolling yourself

Another one of the 10 ways Facebook can get your arrested is trolling yourself. Sending offensive messages to oneself by claiming to be another person and making fake accounts, has led many to trouble. Trolling yourself via someone else’s name and creating a fake account for the same can get you arrested and in trouble.


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