Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in Indonesia

Indonesia has emerged as one of the best economies of the world in terms of rapid development and is also the country with the largest economy in Southeast Asia. The country is also a member of G-20 major economies and is a newly industrialized country which offers numerous job opportunities to all people around the world. we are counting down to the list of the 10 highest paid jobs in Indonesia. Before that, there are things about the Indonesian economy that one must know to heart.

Indonesia has emerged as the sixteenth largest economy in the world by a nominal GDP. It is also the seventh largest country in terms of GDP. It depends largely on the domestic market but is booming in terms of creation of job opportunities and salary.

Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the world, and so is the number of opportunities that the country poses to outsiders and to people within the country. With rapid expansion, especially in the middle-class people, the consumer market of the country is growing at an exponential rate.

With strong purchasing power and high labor skills, Indonesia can surely be counted as one of the countries which is set to employ a huge number of people in the years to come. The average growth rate of income per year in Indonesia is about 5%.


Counting down to the 10 highest paid jobs in Indonesia, we come across many factors that come to play. The availability of job in Indonesia is turning high every second, and so is the amount of salary being paid. Listed below are the 10 highest paid jobs in Indonesia.

Presented below is the meltdown of the 10 highest paid jobs in Indonesia.

1. Corporate director

– Corporate Director (Executive and Management) 84,000,000 IDR

This job position falls under the Executive and Management field. This position requires taking care of the business affairs of come corporations. With increasing economy and booming industrialization, the position of a corporate director is surely set to be in high demand over the upcoming years.

The major duties include the election of officers, the ability to remove the officers and the repeal of bylaws. This position has to be on the top of the 10 highest paid jobs in Indonesia due to the high demand for knowledge and skills. A Corporate Director is likely to be paid about 84 million IDR on a monthly basis.

2. Executive human capital management

– Executive Human Capital Management (Human Resources) 77,000,000 IDR

This is a job position that falls under the Human Resource faculty. The progressive career in the field of Human Resources is high in demand.

An HR professional is required in order to recruit people into the organization and ensure the maintenance of resources.

The Executive Human Capital Management plays the role of managing the employees in order to take out the best in them, so they contribute significantly to the productivity of the organization.

It is their role to drive and influence the workforce in a positive direction. The basic job of the Executive basically falls under workforce acquisition, workforce management, and optimization.

An Executive Human Capital Management is likely to earn about 77 million IDR on a monthly basis, making this the second job on the list of the top 10 highest paid jobs in Indonesia.

3. IT product manager

– IT Product Manager (Information Technology) 75,000,000 IDR

With increasing IT companies growing every single day, the job position of an IT Product Manager is also one of the top 10 highest paid jobs in Indonesia. It related jobs was ranked as the second highest paid ones in Indonesia. In this modern world, IT professionals find themselves at an advantage with the demand growing inconsiderably.

The IT Product Management is responsible for pushing the IT professionals to do their deed in order to create products that can be sold in the market. The position of the IT Product Manager pays the salary of about 75 million IDR on a monthly basis.

4. Nursing director

– Nursing Director (Health and Medical) 71,203,000 IDR

The Health and Medical fields are also expanding with the population expansion in Indonesia. This calls for job creations in this field growing at an exponential level. The position of a Nursing Director gives about 71 million IDR monthly and is also one of the highest paying jobs in Indonesia.

Nursing Directors work at hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. The duties of these people might include the life of supervising the nursing staff and overseeing patient care from a management perspective in mind. It is also their job to ensure record keeping and budgeting.

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5. Hotel manager

– Hotel Manager (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering) 65,000,000 IDR

This job falls under the Food/ Hospitality/ Tourism and Catering faculty. Indonesia is a truly beautiful nation with a lot to offer to people all around the world. Hence, the tourism industry is also booming in this beautiful county. The job position of a Hotel Manager has thus fallen on the list of the Top 10 Highest paid jobs in Indonesia.

A hotel manager is a person who is responsible for managing the operation of a hotel, motel, resort or other lodging facilities, with increasing hotels being made in the nation of Indonesia, Hotel Managers are seemingly increasing each passing day. A Hotel Manager is paid the salary of 65 million IDR on a monthly basis.

6. Reservoir engineer

– Reservoir Engineer (Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining) 60,000,000 IDR

The Reservoir Engineer job position falls under the Oil/ Gas/ Energy and Mining faculty. It is the branch of petroleum engineering that applies the scientific principle to produce oil and gas reservoirs. It involves the assessment of oil and gas deposits and then the estimation of the reservoir size.

The person then has to envision how to maximize the economic return from extracting these types of oil or gas supplies. There are a handful of oil and gas companies that operate in Indonesia, but the number is set to grow. A Reservoir Engineer normally earns about 60 million IDR on a monthly basis, and this is also one of the top 10 highest paying jobs in Indonesia.

7. Executive director

– Executive Director (Executive and Management) 59,000,000 IDR

The Executive director position is another one of the highest paying jobs in Indonesia. An Executive Director earns about 59 million IDR on a monthly basis. An Executive Director is the Senior Operating Officer of a corporation and is the member of the board of a firm.

The Executive Director has daily management or operational capabilities. Usually a full-time employee, the position has specific decision-making skills. Almost all industries require people in this position. The Executive Director is thus on the list of the highest paying jobs in Indonesia.

8. Project manager

– Project Manager (Executive and Management) 55,400,000 IDR

The position of a Project Manager also falls on the Executive and Management fraternity. The Project Manager is a professional in the field of project management. They have the responsibility of procurement, planning, and execution of a project. The project of a defined scope, defined finish and defined start requires the skill of a project manager to complete.

Hence, the job position of a Project Manager is paid the salary of 55.4 million IDR on monthly basis. Project Manager Job position falls on the list of the 10 highest paid jobs in Indonesia because of the huge increment in the number of industries.

9. Landscape architect

– Landscape Architect (Architecture) 55,000,000 IDR

The Landscape Architect works under the Architecture discipline, Indonesia is a rapidly developing nation with increasing buildings and other resources being made every single day. A Landscape architect designs the outdoor areas, structures, and landmarks required for socio-behavioral, environmental or aesthetic outcomes. The person has to be educated in the field of architecture.

The job position requires site analysis, site inventory, land planning, design planting, sustainable design etc. with a huge number of landscapes being required each day, the job position of a landscape architect is extremely necessary. It is also on the list of the top 10 best-paid jobs in Indonesia. A Landscape Architect earns the salary of 55 million IDR on a monthly basis.

10. Marketing director

– Marketing Director (Marketing) 54,333,333 IDR

This job position falls on the Marketing side of things. A Marketing Director is paid about 55 million IDR monthly. Marketing Director holds the responsibility for the organizations marketing activities; the person is responsible to oversee the development and delivery of a fully integrated strategy to market the business.

The Director performs a more strategic role than the Marketing Manager. The role calls for skills that include communications, sales, marketing and acquired experience in the field. The Marketing Director is last, but not the least on the list of the 10 highest paid jobs in Indonesia.

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