How to Make an Anonymous Call? Follow Best Steps

Today the technology has been so widely developed more than our thought. We were using the feature caller identification since last 15 to 20 years but now you can call other by hiding your identity. You may receive the calls with (instead of Number) private call or Anonymous Call in your mobile. You can also make Anonymous Call to them whom you don’t want to reveal your identity. Here are the steps you can follow in order to make the unknown call or Anonymous Call.

Go through the article it will detail you about the different methods for making free calls from the land line, iOS, Android, Windows phones. All these smartphones have set permanently to mask up to your number while making the calls. The workouts depend upon the rules and regulation of the country it may have restrictions by the telephone carriers. So, it may not be available to your country.

From landline and any types of phones using Dial *67: No require of specific mobile for using the method. While calling from mobile simply add *67 prefixes before the number you are calling to block your caller Id. For the US you must have to dial 1 following to *67. Your number format looks like *671-XXX-XXX-XXXX.

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iPhone: If you are an iPhone user then the phone is also inbuilt with the feature to mask your identity. To do that you can go do as shown below “Settings” > “Phone” > “Show My Caller ID” > Slide to “OFF”.

Android: If you want to hide your identity in Android phone you can set the setting in this way. Select the Phone Settings > Call Settings > Additional Call Settings > Caller ID.

Windows: If you have a window phone, the phone also comes with the feature to hide your identity while outgoing calling. For this, you can set the setting as below,

Home screen > select the Start bottom > Scroll down and select Settings > Select the option Phone > Scroll down and select Caller ID > At provide my caller ID to > scroll left or right to chose the option No one or only my contacts > Select done.

This is the simple trick to call back any anonymous number. Do not harm anybody using the trick. If you got the threat do not take lightly you can report to the police if you meet the threat with the anonymous call. Keep on logging our channel we will be updating you the latest blogs. Do comment for any issues.

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