Trezor Model T Review – Everything You Need to Know

Trezor Model T is an advanced hardware wallet to provide you security with your digital information and assets.

It provides you digital freedom and always place you in the safe zone from the threat of hackers over your assets. It is designed by SatoshiLabs as second-generation cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

We know that storing of assets through online is always a risk as it can be stolen and copied. So, realizing this situation Trezor model T helps you to stores your digital assets such as crypto coins, passwords and many other digital identities in offline mode. Like its motto, it is actually a safe place for your coins and digital assets.

Trezor Model T REVIEW

It is the most trusted hardware wallet in the world. TREZOR wallet has been providing safe storage for cryptocurrency since 2013. It is fast in response and makes users feel more secure and confident. It assures you full security whether you use it from computer or mobile.

Also, it has appealing modern, user-friendly and intuitive touchscreen user interface. It is web-based wallet application as it uses TREZOR Bridge Software for setting up the process of the device.

TREZOR Bridge application help to make communication between TREZOR and web browser. It provides high-level security for your fiat currencies, passwords, second-factor authentication with very easy and understandable process whether you are novice users or experienced users.

Why TREZOR Model T?

TREZOR Model T supports more than 200 types of crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Zcash, Bitcoin gold, Bitcoin cash, Nem and many others.

Trezor Model T supports coins

It is minimalistic in its size and so portable and aesthetic in nature. It uses touch screen feature to perform work. If you are in confusion whether to buy TREZOR Model T or not then here are some of the reasons for you to assure you that it is worth to buy.

Offline storing system:

As storing digital assets through online is always vulnerable and at risk from hackers, TREZOR Model T provides you the offline system to store your digital assets and identities.

Recovery seed system:

If you lose your hardware wallet then it is no problem at all in case of TREZOR Model T as it provides you the recovery seed feature. Recovery seed is your own preferred 12 to 24 long words which are used to recover all the things from your lost hardware wallet.

As recovery seed is only known to you there is no chance of being your digital assets stolen from your wallet if someone finds your hardware wallet.

Transparent security system:

TREZOR Model T provides high-level security measures to make you feel secure as well as comfortable. It provides firmware verification system.

The device is operational only if the firmware is signed properly by SatoshiLabs. It has ultrasound hardware seal which makes too difficult to restore after breakage.

It provides protected key operation which only operates if user authenticated it through the PIN. It provides BIP39 passphrase support system. So, as a whole TREZOR Model T has a transparent security system which makes you feel secure.

Super responsive customer support:

TREZOR Model T provides 5 stars rated customer support. TREZOR developers team value the feedback and review of the customers. It is actually developed concerning the feedback and review of SatoshiLabs first TREZOR called TREZOR One.

User-friendly interface:

TREZOR Model T uses fully touch screen feature for its operation unlike its own TREZOR One model which uses button features as well. Also, the device is easy to set up and to operate. Touch screen interface makes the operation faster.

Trezor Model T latest review

So, these are some of the amazing reasons that make TREZOR Model T worth to buy. TREZOR Model T also manages the digital identities such as password, Secure Shell (SSH), GNU Privacy Guard (GPG), second-factor authentication (U2F) more securely.

It can be bought at an affordable price of 149 EUR only excluded from the VAT and the price is nothing as compared to the value of your digital assets and identities.

The developer’s team are constantly working on to improve it. The password storage on microSD card feature will be soon added on it. Also, TREZOR data and file encryption feature are also coming soon on this wallet.

Fiat currency conversion estimates are available for crypto to USD till now and the developer’s team are also working for many other fiat currencies. TREZOR Model T developers team are working to develop a feature of currency conversion estimates to fiat currency.

The developer’s team said that the TREZOR Model T is working as expected and are working relentlessly to improve it and to make it best. As a whole, TREZOR model T is the better option to secure your digital assets and to reduce your risk level.

So, TREZOR Model T is worth to buy it. Now, the decision depends on you whether to handle your digital assets with the risk of hackers all the time or to handle it in the safe environment. Hope you will make the right decision and will explore your new level of comfort and secureness.

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What is in the package?

Trezor Model T box

As we already introduced about the TREZOR Model T, which is the new secure hardware wallet designed by Satoshi Labs. Before rushing towards its functions and process for initialization, we need to know what you will get in the packet.

Your new cryptocurrency hardware wallet is enclosed beautifully in a redesigned package, which you will love to pierce through too harshly. So, holding your excitement, follow the steps one by one to reach to your new device.

At first, slide away the white sleeve to see a black case, which is again held by glue and magnet. Then, you can see a fold in the lower part of the case. Just flip away from the fold and finally lift the cover-up. Now you can reach to your device that is attached to its dock by a magnet. After uncovering the device, check the hologram sticker and device’s seal just to be sure that it’s unused.

With the fascinating device with touchscreen feature, you will get USB-C cable, a user’s manual and two recovery seed cards (about which you will get to know in the next section). These items are enclosed in the black box safely with stickers.

Initializing the TREZOR Model T

The device and the TREZOR wallet can be used with any of the main web browsers; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Connect your TREZOR Model T and you can easily follow the process as instructed in the device.

Open your web browser and in it. You will see options in it, among which choose TREZOR Model T in the product list. For the users of Firefox, TREZOR bridge has to be installed. After the wallet recognizes your device, it will offer you to install the firmware for your Model T. Accept the offer and just wait and watch.

Your PC will load the firmware after rebooting is finished. Then, the wallet initialization process will be beginning soon.

You have to generate a new wallet. Switching to HD is optional for better quality. Even if you are an old user and have already generated a wallet before, TREZOR can accept BIP39 seeds and restore your old wallet, but you have to be sure whether it is safe or not.

After installation of the firmware is done, choose the new user option. Doing so, a completely new wallet is generated and you can see a new interface. Do not rush to your interface options unless you complete the ongoing process.

Creating the backup

In the wallet, you can see a prompt clicking on which, you can create a backup in the form of personal recovery seed. On this quick procedure, the wallet will generate a 12-word long recovery seed. When its displayed on the screen, do not disconnect the device. Otherwise, you have to start the complete process again.

Do not save or copy the words (recovery seed) in any digital form either be a photo or copies. The product can’t guarantee your safety if you do so. So, just note it down and keep it safe.

For verification, the model will select words randomly and asks you to type the words. The process continues unless you type the words correctly.

Naming the device

After backing up the wallet in the form of recovery seed, you need to name the TREZOR. Either you can choose among the sample names or you may create your unique name, which will reduce confusion between other TREZOR devices (if you have any).

Choosing a PIN

After naming the device is completed, you have to create a PIN for protection from unauthorized access. The minimum number of digits is four and maximum nine. Use more secured one that is unique. Confirm the PIN by re-entering it.

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OK, you are done!

Hopefully, you will enjoy TREZOR Model T and love it.

We are always keen to get informed about your suggestions and feedbacks.


Is TREZOR T model fast, simple and easy?

The process of installing is pretty simple in TREZOR Model T, similar to TREZOR One. The installation process includes steps as stated following:

  1. Start
  2. Download and installation of the bridge. (Bridge is a software which helps you on managing the TREZOR)
  3. Installation of the latest firmware on your device.
  4. End

Thinking that I missed a step? If you have used the previous version of TREZOR you might be waiting for the part where you receive your 12-word seed phrase.

But TREZOR has currently skipped this portion and allows you to use your device instantly without the need of writing down the seed phrase.

Actually, the firmware will warn you to back up your phrase but you can skip this step. To my way of thinking, this initiation of TREZOR to skip the long and time-consuming procedure is great. And you can write down your seed any time you are ready but it will be a one-time process.

The installation process is thus fast, simple and easy.

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TREZOR One Vs Model T



Size is the major difference between TREZOR One and TREZOR Model T, which is obviously observable, Model T is slightly bigger than initial model TREZOR One.

The first generation of TREZOR Model does have physical buttons on it which were used to access links inside which is not available in upgraded TREZOR Model T.

TREZOR Model T is equipped with a wider touchscreen. The size of TREZOR Model T is enlarged by around 30% for the additional feature of the touch screen, the user interface of the recent model is user-friendly with LCD screen of 240*240 pixel.

TREZOR Model T also includes a micro SD slot, which could be a possibility for further expansion.

The device is also well protected from being tampered or compromised with the help of seal on its USB port, the seal sticker on the port doesn’t get stick out intact instead leaves certain marks on the device letting us know if the device has tampered.

This feature had not been provided in the initial version of the model. Model T is packed in the box with a magnetic dock, because of which it would be an easier job to hide it from the normal sighting.

With the magnetic dock, you might wonder if it is damaged from the magnetic field of that dock but TREZOR team have made it clear that this won’t affect the device’s function and functionality in anyways.

Unlike USB 2.0 in TREZOR One, TREZOR Model T uses USB Type C, which is a revolutionary act and a standardization on whole electronic industry, Model T supports 12 words, BIP32, BIP39, BIP44 protocol.

The new model, TREZOR Model T, is costlier as well as compared to TREZOR One, the old model costs around 89 Euros whereas Model T costs around 139 Euros. The extra charging of 50 Euros seems to be justified by the added features in the new model.

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