Tron Coin Price Prediction: Why Should You Invest in TRON on 2018?

TRON is a decentralized open-source cryptocurrency that was founded by TRON Foundation in 2017. There are a huge number of people looking towards investing in Tron Coin, after the unexpected success that Bitcoin has seen over the past few years. If you are looking towards information regarding Tron Coin and why should you invest in Tron in 2018, then you have come to the right place. Tron Coin is something worth investing in, and we now tell you why.

What is Tron Coin?

There are numerous altcoins which are flourishing in the cryptomarket these days. However, not all of the coins are worth the hyped success they are getting. The most promising cryptocurrency on this day has to be Tron. Tron is one of the less popular digital coins, but worth giving some second through to.

Tron coin hit the cryptomarket on the years 2017, on September, and it is already one of the best cryptocurrency that you should invest in. This cryptocurrency is traded online, much like Bitcoin. Tron, however, is attached to entertainment consumption.

Tron is the creation of Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun. The ICO (initial coin offering) of Tron made Binance to crash because of its extreme popularity.

  • Purpose

The purpose of Tron coin is to enable users to store, own and publish data and create a decentralized content distribution system. The company is under the belief that their revolutionary idea will sooner or later replace Apple store and Google Play.

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  • The Price

Tron is based on Etherum, and its name is Tronix or TRX. A coin of Tronix is called a Tron. As of now, a Tron is worth 0.158866 American dollars; its market cap is $10,445,152,346. As the cryptocurrency as introduced in the market in the middle of September, its price was standing at $0.0021 on December, by January, it’s worth increased to $0.21 and this remarkable increase of 1000% in one month indicates the usability of the coin.

  • Investing in Tron

You can buy Tron via a cryptocurrency exchange system by using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. However, you can also invest real money in order to obtain Tron. Digital coins are volatile, hence buying these cryptocurrencies requires some understanding behind it. Therefore, we give you a clear idea of why you should be investing in Tron in this era.

Tron Coin Price Today

Tron Coin Price Prediction 2018

Month & Year Tron Price in USD
January, 2018 0.25 USD
February, 2018 0.15 USD
March, 2018 0.19 USD
April, 2018 0.23 USD
May, 2018 0.28 USD
June, 2018 0.34 USD
July, 2018 0.39 USD
August, 2018 0.43 USD
September, 2018 0.49 USD
October, 2018 0.51 USD
November, 2018 0.53 USD
December, 2018 0.57 USD

Tron Coin Price Prediction 2019

Month & Year Tron Price IN USD
January, 2019 0.59 USD
February, 2019 0.66 USD
March, 2019 0.74 USD
April, 2019 0.82 USD
May, 2019 0.89 USD
June, 2019 0.98 USD
July, 2019 1.35 USD
August, 2019 1.85 USD
September, 2019 2.03 USD
October, 2019 2.45 USD
November, 2019 3.40 USD
December, 2019 4.19 USD

Tron Coin Price Prediction 2020

Month & Year Tron Price in USD
January, 2020 7.00 USD
February, 2020 7.87 USD
March, 2020 8.45 USD
April, 2020 10.11USD
May, 2020 12.45 USD
June, 2020 13.56 USD
July, 2020 15.60 USD
August, 2020 18.25 USD
September, 2020 19.87 USD
October, 2020 22.45 USD
November, 2020 23.87 USD
December, 2020 25.60 USD

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Why should you invest in TRON Coin?

Tron has undoubtedly gained a tremendous amount of publicity in social media and cryptocurrency circles. It has grown to be one of the most potential cryptocurrencies with a productive future. It saw 1000% increment in value in just a duration of a month. Other than these, there are several reasons why you should invest in Tron. Why should you invest in Tron? Read our reasons why.

Why you should invest in Tron coin

  • 33 times increment

The value of Tron increased by 33 times in the mere duration of 15 days. While its value was 0.2 cents on December 6th, the value had increased to 0.67 after the 21st of December.

This means that if a person invested $35000 at the beginning of December, then the person has already become a millionaire by now. Investing in cryptocurrency has become the new investment deal, and people are putting in a lot of money and reaping the benefits of cryptocurrency.

  • This is the real deal

Some cryptocurrencies are scams. However, Tron is a real cryptocurrency that provides real value and is dedicated to improving the world. BitConnect and CoinSpace have been known to be the biggest crypto scams. However, Tron is out of this league.

  • Tron is decentralized

A decentralized cryptocurrency is independent of a central governing body and is hence governed by no authority. Cryptocurrencies like Tron take power away from the banking system and makes it more usable and more accessible for the ordinary people.

  • Tron gives credits

Tron is dedicated to creating a platform that vies credit or regards to its creators. It is trying to build an entire Internet that allows people to manage, create and share data and give rewards to the creators for the work they put in.

Is Tron a good investment?

Gladly, Tron is the ‘in’ the right now. It has good potential of becoming one of the best cryptocurrencies coming on par with Bitcoin. With the exponential level of growth that it is observing, it can be said that Tron is set to grow in a short time.

However, it must also be noted that there are a considerable number of factors that come to play when investing in a should take into account all of these factors and then decide on whether you want to invest in Tron or not.

Some Facts about Tron coin

Here are some quick facts about Tron that you should know.

Tron coin facts

  • Tron is less than four months old and already gaining momentum as one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.
  • Tron is the cheapest coin in Binance as of now.
  • Tron has been topping the volume of buyers in the past few days and is still in the third position.
  • Tron has been ranked as the 14th one in the Coin Market Cap.
  • New Japanese exchanges are enlisting Tron.
  • The TRX Cryptodoggies are getting a translation so that more people can use it for free.
  • Tron is probably going to get a coin burn in the first quarter of 2018.
  • Tron can be considered to be a step into the future.
  • Tron Mainnet is scheduled to be released in the first quarter.
  • Tron allows users to freely publish, store and own data and deal digital assets with ease.

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